Gede picked us up at the fastboat and showed us nusa penida and answered every question. He drove us safely on the small dusty roads. The next morning he took us snorkeling. Unfortunately manta point was to dangerous that day because of the high waves, but we visited 4 other places. Gede made underwaterpictures and forwarded them the same day. So of you go to nusa penida, Gede is your guide.

de Ridder
July 4, 2019


If you are looking for a friendly informative guide to show you around Nusa Penida, 100% you should use Gede. He is such a lovely person and makes you feel very welcome. He knows the roads and places of natural beauty very well. He had an itinerary set out for my friend and I however we wanted to change it slightly to maximise our time, nothing was too much trouble and he quickly changed it to suit our needs. I would definitely recommend Nusa Penia and Gede to all my friends and family visiting Nusa Penida. It is such a beautiful place.

United Arab Emirates
September 11, 2018

Nusa penida

Jalan2 yang menyenangkan,, terimakasih bli,,,

August 30, 2018

Trecolli Nusa penida

Pulau Yang cantik,destinasi yang menarik dan driver yang ramah,,

August 29, 2018